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Caitlin’s Wish

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Life is good for Caitlin, until her father becomes disabled. Everything changes in Caitlin’s life and she struggles to accept what has happened to her family. She can’t let go of the life she knew before. It seems so unfair! “Why me?” she cries, “Why MY Dad?” She feels so sad and alone. She doesn’t want to upset her family by telling them how she feels. Instead she tells all her troubles to the little robin who sits on her windowsill. Rufus the robin has a plan though! He arranges a magical trip to Fairyland that will change her life forever.

This is the story of how Caitlin comes to terms with her Dad’s disability and learns to be happy again. “Caitlin’s Wish” was written by Victoria Taylor for her daughter Adele-Caitlin. She was only 2 yrs old when her Dad was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called IH. Initially Adele -Caitlin coped well because she knew no different. However when she started school, she realized that her life was different. She became a very sad little girl. She was too young to access the support networks for young carers, so Victoria wrote this book to help Adele-Caitlin see life from a different perspective. After reading the book she learned to look for the things that her Dad could do, rather than dwell on what he couldn’t do anymore. By focusing on the positive elements in her life, it made it easier to cope with the negative. “Caitlin’s Wish” has been published in the hope that it might help others.

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