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Tears after Dark

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This title, based on a true story, is an account of a young boy, growing up in a family torn apart by alcohol and drugs.

Review: “This book is a real eye opener. During the 1960s, Terry and his brother lurch from one episode to another, growing up in a miserable cold home where their dad often lies comatose on the sofa while mum is drunk and vicious. From suicide attempts to violent fights, here it all is in black and white, vividly brought to life. Whether they are living in the Gorbals in Glasgow or rural Surrey, it makes no difference to what these boys endure. But even though the subject matter is sad (and it does make you cry) there are lots of funny things too and that’s what we liked about the book. Also the ending is quite up beat – you feel there is still hope for kids who have suffered. It was absolutely impossible to put down.”

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